spring 2016


with Arjun Balaji

This course gives students the tools they need to make fun, interactive, and dynamic web apps. No prior programming experience required

Starting with the design of basic web pages, we will walk through the entire web development stack, from simple pages to server-side web development.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of HTML and CSS
  • The Bootstrap templating library for styling and and layout of web pages
  • Basics of Python, a general purpose programming language
  • Flask, a framework for building websites with Python
  • Exposure to sessions and relational databases

Thursdays 7-9 pm

starts January 21st

123 Snell Library

rapid prototyping and design

with Jason Toby

This class aims to provide a starting point for those who are looking for hands-on experiences and real life design skills. No prior experience necessary! Over the course of ten weeks and three projects, we will work together to design, model, and craft solutions to challenging design problems with the guidance of peers and mentors. We’ll utilize rapid prototyping technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and good old fashioned cardboard to go from ideas to parts as fast as possible.

The class will be composed of weekly meetings, with two to three week projects such as building a coin sorting machine or a spring-loaded launcher. Students will learn to sketch out designs on paper, model them using SolidWorks, and watch as their designs are 3D printed before their eyes. In addition, there will be short lectures and discussions to give context and depth to the class material, as well as connections to the real world drawn from co-op experience.

There is no registration required, however if you are interested it is highly encouraged to complete this survey here

This course is a collaboration between and the Sherman Center

For more information about the great programs the Sherman Center supports visit their website

Mondays 6-8 pm

starts January 25th

The Sherman Center
(008C Hayden Hall)

the culture of code

with John Williams

This course teaches students key concepts and the broader context that make up the culture of modern software development.

Each class is split into lecture and workshop. Lectures cover topics ranging from "What is the cloud?" to "How companies create code". During the interactive workshops, students have a chance to live life as a software developer, from debugging or refactoring code to exploring open source projects on Github.

The course is geared towards students who are curious about the whole "technology", "software", and "code" thing that's been going on. It will be useful for those interested in learning to code, being involved in tech startups, managing software projects, or just better understanding the people and culture behind the heart of the world's most rapidly growing economic sectors: code.

Topics include:

  • A brief history of Code
  • What is the cloud?
  • Understanding Code as art, madness, and $$$
  • Challenges and techniques of modern software development
  • How do companies make Code?

Wednesdays 7-9 pm

starts January 20th

125 Snell Library