what is nuio?

nuio is the heart of student-led learning at NEU <3

Lots of students have cool skills they'd love to share,
and lots of students have cool skills they'd love to learn.
We want to help these people meet.

taking a course

Interesting new ideas and technologies come out every day, and NEU can't make courses for all of them. Luckily, we have a bunch of students already on it!

We run classes on everything from the basics of programing to 3D printing. Ever wanted to start a social network? Build an attachment for your ukulele? Make an interative prototype of an app idea? We have it covered.

Courses meet weekly, there's always free food, and having fun is the number one goal.
See which courses we're offering now on our courses page

making a course

Running a course can be some hard business, but we get the crud out of the way. Here's what we'll provide:

Contact nuio to let us know you're interested. We'd love to talk!